Will Hoge Hits Road, Chasing ‘Small Town Dreams’

Will Hoge has recently released his 10th studio album, Small Town Dreams. The lead single of the album, “Middle Of Americia”, was co-written by Still Working Music’s writer Tommy Lee James, Will Hoge, and Jessi Alexander.  Tommy Lee James also co-wrote the songs “Growing Up Around Here” (Tommy Lee James, Will Hoge, Brett Beavers), and “Just Up The Road” (Tommy Lee James, Will Hoge, Dylan Altman) on Small Town Dream. Will Hoge is now touring in support of his new album and has dates scheduled in Ala., N.C, and S.C. in the next week. Click here for more information.


CMT: Will Hoge Releases “Middle Of America” Music Video

Written by Still Working Music writer Tommy Lee James along with Will Hoge and Jessi Alexander. “Middle Of America” is Hoge’s debut single from his sophomore record on Cumberland/Thirty Tigers. The video was directed by Colin Noel and was shot in Gallatin, Tennessee.